Salade Landaise

Ingredients -- for 4 servings

1 lettuce
200 g duck foie gras
1 smoked duck breast
1 Duck gizzard confit

100 g pine nuts
200 g asparagus tips
2 tablespoons Sherry or red wine vinegar
Ground pepper, deep fried bread cubes



Wash the salad, shake dry and arrange it on the plates.

Finely slice the smoked duck breast lengthwise. Slice thinly the gizzard confit and sauté them in a hot pan with a little of their own fat. Add the pinenuts and cook until they become pale. Remove from heat and add the vinegar. Heat the asparagus tips in a little lightly salted water (if fresh) or in their own juice (if preserved).

Pour the juice, gizzards and pine nuts together onto the salad.
Arrange the sliced duck breast around the edges of the salad.
Place a slice of duck foie gras on top in the centre.
Drain the asparagus tips and arrange them on top.
Garnish with a cloud of pepper.

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