garlic soup

Garlic soup
garlic soup
4 servings

6 large cloves of pink Lautrec garlic

Peal the garlic cloves and cook them in a pan in a littel oil on a low heat until they turn white. Add the brouillon which had been previously brought to the boil. Add salt, pepper and piment, thyme and laurel. Cover and cook for 30 minutes. Filter into a serving bowl and then poach the eggs in the soup.

Slice the bread, rub with garlic and fry the slices in a pan with a littel oil.

To serve, place the grilled bread in a soup-bowl and pour the soup over them.


1.5 l of meat stock

4 eggs

olive oil

salt and pepper

garlic soup

piment d'Espelette

thyme and laurel

4 slices of stale bread


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